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The Innovative Initiative
For the first time in India Shar Technologies Group (STG)’s Medical Care Division (MCD) a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is offering “One Stop Medical Care Solutions platform” to various Organizations in Medical Care. On behalf of our privileged members group purchasing of the products/ services/ solutions at cheaper rate is done without compromising on the quality.

In Andhra Pradesh, STG-MCD has signed MoU with APNA (Andhra Pradesh Private Nursing Homes and Hospitals Association) which has more than 5,000 members
About “Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)”
A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) is an entity that is created to leverage the purchasing or buying power of a group of members to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the GPO members
» Many GPO's are funded by either a membership fee or an administrative service fee that is paid by the vendors
» Many GPO's provide free membership in an effort to attract businesses or organizations into their GPO which in turn gives them greater buying power
A healthcare Group Purchasing Organization (GPOs) assists in promoting quality healthcare relief and assists diverse providers in effectively managing expenses.
A GPO aggregates the purchasing volume of its members for various goods and services and develops contracts with suppliers through which members may buy at group price
» The first healthcare GPO was established in 1910 by the Hospital Bureau of New York
» Medicare and Medicaid stimulated growth in the number of GPOs to 40 in 1974
» By 2007, there were hundreds of healthcare GPOs, "affiliates" and cooperatives
» 96% of all acute-care hospitals and 98% of all community hospitals held at least one GPO membership
» GPOs, save the U.S. health care industry more than $36 billion annually
Largest GPO’s are MedAssets, Premier Inc., Novation LLC, HealthTrust Purchasing Group, Amerinet Inc., PDM Healthcare, US Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of Defense, Resource Optimization & Innovation
For Corporate Members this privilege card entitles its members big rewards, discounts and special rates on purchase of such solutions/ services/ products procured through STG-MCD.  For Individual Medical Care Professionals, we will offer them merchandise rewards and discount coupons.
Padmabhushan Prof. B M Hegde, MD, PhD, FRCP (Lond, Edin, Glasg, & Dublin), FACC, FAMS: Veteran physician and administrator. He is an affiliate professor of Human Health, University of Northern Colorado since 2002, chairman, Bihar State Health Society’s Expert Committee, Patna, member, Postgraduate Medical Education Board, Government of India, former chairman, Ohio University Trust, former vice chancellor, Manipal University. He is admired not only for his skills in the medical field, but also for his humane approach .A recipient of numerous national and international awards including Dr. B.C. Roy National Award, Dr. J.C. Bose Award for Life Science Research, Pride of India Award from the US
The Team
Dr. Prasad Pasam, Managing Partner: MBA, PhD, with over 15 years of multifaceted experience in Human Resources Management in India and Abroad. An excellent Administrator with varied experience in the field of human capital management. Credited with many innovative ideas and known for his passion to implement them. An excellent communicator with flair for implementing best practices to achieve excellence in business.
P H Khan, Chief Operating Officer: A post-graduate in Agriculture and a Fellow of Insurance Institute of India with vast experience in Administration and Legal Departments apart from core Insurance field. Retired as General Manager after three decades of illustrious career in Insurance Industry. Associated with formulation of innovative Schemes in Health Insurance including mass based health insurance with proven expertise in implementing them.
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